ClimarisQ is a game conceived by the CNRS researcher Davide Faranda through the CNRS – AMCSTI – ISC-PIF scientific mediation incubator on complex systems. The development of ClimarisQ, powered by the videogame company Opal Games, has been financially supported by the University of Paris-Saclay : La Diagonale Paris-Saclay. The project has been also supported by:


  • Davide Faranda (LSCE, IPSL, CNRS, CEA Saclay, Université Paris Saclay, UVSQ), ideator, author of the texts and of English and Italian translations, scientific leader of the ClimarisQ project.
  • Lucas Taligrot (LSCE, IPSL, CNRS, CEA Saclay, Université Paris Saclay, UVSQ), ClimarisQ project manager.
  • Nada Caud (LSCE, IPSL, CNRS, CEA Saclay, Université Paris Saclay, UVSQ), ClimarisQ communication manager
  • Anne Teyssèdre (SU-ITE), ecologist and interdisciplinary scientific mediator, involved in the drafting and design of the project.
  • The Opal Games team: François Renou (project manager/game designer), Renaud Chanin (programmer), Philippe Caseiro (graphic designer)


  • Soulivanh Thao, Pascal Yiou, Mathieu Vrac, Nathalie de Noblet, Philippe Naveau & Robert Vautard  (ESTIMR-LSCE-IPSL, researchers)
  • Céline Lipari, Véronique Arnaud (CEA Communication)
  • Marielle Vergès (Universcience, outreach agent at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie and project manager at the Palais de la découverte), in charge of the ClimarisQ outreach projects.
  • Alain Mazaud (Communication LSCE IPSL)
  • Catherine Senior, Isabelle Genau and Marie Pinhas (Communication IPSL)
  • Marjorie Tarjon  (Communication la Diagonale – Paris Saclay)
  • Emilie Smondack (Communication CNRS)
  • Chloe Scragg (Consultant for the English version)
  • Heloise Breon & Soren Francois (Interns)
  • Strate (design):  Bastien Perdriault, Natalia Vankovic, Anaelle Grosbois, Victor Duflos, Pierre-Alain Auclair, Paul-Maxence Baraton, Clarisse Derobert-Masure
  • Laurent Desse, Maxime Jacquot, Elodie Vigner (contributeurs)
  • Mireia Ginesta (Spanish Translation)
  • Meriem Krouma (Arabic translation)
  • Andra Covaciu (Romanian translation)