ClimarisQ is a game and an educational tool that helps to understand:

  1. The urgency of collective action to limit the adverse effects of climate change (The importance of limiting greenhouse gas emissions).
  2. The multiplicity of interacting climate components as well as the nonlinearities of the processes underlying climate dynamics (Delayed effects, amplification, rebound effects).
  3. The problems of predicting and projecting extreme weather events (Unpredictable locations and timing but predictable frequencies).

A game for Secondary Education

The concept, questions asked and difficulty of ClimarisQ are tailored to the high school level and curriculum. The game, which has already been successfully tested by high school classes, stimulates debate about the choices to be made in the face of climate change. We propose two modalities for playing ClimarisQ in schools: “single-player” and “multi-player”.

One hour of class dedicated to ClimarisQ is fully* sufficient to i) explain the game mechanics (~10 minutes), ii) play (~20 minutes), iii) discuss the results. The game-over displays both the PPM (parts per million) of CO2 deviation from the intermediate greenhouse gas emissions scenario established by the IPCC (RCP4.5), as well as the number of rounds of survival play. These elements stimulate discussion that can be guided by teachers based on the information presented in this website and/or by contacting the ClimarisQ team, which is always available to give advice on the project.

*if students have a set of computers connected to the internet.